Carvoeiro Rentals Secret Beaches to Discover

Discovering Carvoeiro is about showing you that the Carvoeiro is more than beaches and restaurants. This fantastic, what is now a town is more than just a beach. Our first visit a place we now call home and work was in 1983. This was a time when the Nívea balloon was still in the centre of the beach. Moreover, there were no one way systems and even less apartment blocks, however still endless villas and countryside.

More importantly less about that, more about what to find in this treasured place of the Algarve that our portfolio of rental villas is based.

Carvoeiro is about 50 minutes transfer from Faro airport, a great position for exploring all aspects of the Algarve. The town is located in the Lagoa area, which itself has an abundance of beaches to discover where by boat or by foot, beautiful walking trails. There are also two of Algarves big attractions, Slide and Splash and Sand Sculptures. Unquestionably we have two of the most photographed beaches in the world, Benagil cave and Praia da Marinha. The area extends to east of Carvoeiro, Porches and Nossa Senhora da Rocha and to the west is the idyllic Ferragudo.

People can tell you all about the numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, mini-marts and touristic shops. In addition in the summer the square by the beach has entertainment every night and is a focal point for families to meet.

Whereas we like to focus on some of lesser talked about things of Carvoeiro to explore.  Firstly in discovering Carvoeiro is the town itself:-


We suggest that as you wander the streets, start looking around, there are many spots where you will find commissioned graffiti

#carvoeiroboxes, normally the telephone and electricity junction boxes that are painted with different themes and places of the village. High Voltage Street Art (Phil and José), you can read an article all about the artist on Inside-Carvoeiro magazine

In addition to this, recently you will see some of the drain grates painted around.

Seat Art Cities is another project that has commissioned Portuguese artists to graffiti a number of towns in Portugal, sponsored by SEAT car company.

Carvoeiro was chosen and Tama Alves painted some stunning pieces of art around the town.

Pictured to the right is the biggist one “We are the flowers”, there a number of walls painted and are more obvious to see as you walk around. However, there is the Wolf, you have to look out a bit more for this one.


As people living here, we do not normally suggest restaurants and bars in the town. Clearly it is very subjective and you have plenty of guides with TripAdvisor etc for instance. Our suggestions tend to a little further away.

However, in our discovering Carvoeiro we want to share with you a must. Undoubtly, you all know the Pastel de nata, but do you know the real fresh taste with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Without fail we suggest you checkout Fábrica Velha (recommended by Culture Trip, the Portuguese and tourists) at the top of the in road on the right.

They bake on site, with a range of fresh bread and cakes (a great place to order a birthday cake if needed). Their Pastel da Nata melt in your mouth, it’s not possible just to have one.


Finally, in this post of discovering Carvoeiro and staying with passion, have you discovered the rock of love? These days it’s slightly off the recommended trail and for you to explore at your own risk. Despite this if you want to see, it can be found to the west of Praia da Marinha parking. It is just off the seven hanging valleys path is a perfect spot where you can photograph the heart of Portugal (pictured to the right). You probably have seen it on lots or publicity of the area. In fact, did you know there are two spots where you can get the photograph of the heart.

Furthermore, did you know that Algar Seco use to have an arch which was a predominant feature of the rock formations. Unfortunately with time and severe wave battering it fell down. More on this and other little things to explore in the future!