The Evolution of Pac4Portugal

Pac Portugal Ltd:- An ever evolving company and brand

Pac Portugal Ltd is turning 16 next year and the company along with its brand has continued to evolve its core mission statement “Local Knowledge, Personal Service”. We have come a long way from the days of our first websites, although we still have a few of the original Carvoeiro vacation villas from the early days.

Pac4Portugal Carvoeiro Vacation Villa Rental

Branding a way forward

Once Pac Portugal Ltd, through Alex Cracknell (the rental agent) took a leap and teamed up with Fernando Cabrita (the constructor) back 2014, the brand we use to date, Pac4Portugal was created. Following working individually in their own companies, they both discovered similar frustrations. Firstly, with quality of properties and secondly, levels of service of third parties. Clearly, they both had the same vision, to build a new brand known for “Personal Service, Local Knowledge”.

Our initial core website continues to be an important marketing tool of the businesses, showcasing a greater overview of the whole brand, not just the villa rentals properties, but also the administration of the vacation houses, as well as the construction of new projects.

Carvoeiro Vacation Rental Villas

The start of new beginnings and with new domains an informative website

Now, Fast forward to 2021, clearly there is a highly competitive rental market in Carvoeiro and Portugal. Evidently it is important to evolve as a business. Indeed, we decided to showcase our Pac4Portugal exclusive villas in one website. Without a doubt, we chose from our portfolio of domains. Unquestionably, a highly appropriate domain name and looks great! However, it lacked some of the functionality we really wanted. remains as an informative website, which we are currently updating to offer more ideas and information for exploring Portugal, so to enhance your villas rental experience.

Pac4Portugal Carvoeiro Villa Rentals Evolving

Booking directly and secure with Carvoeiro.Rentals

At the start of 2022 with the start of the new way of living life with Covid, we have found demand high. That coupled with the launch of stunning new property Villa Maritima, it has been evident that we need to offer you a quick way for you to book with us. Thus, February 2022 has seen the launch of This was our first step into working with a channel manager, to streamline our rental marketing systems, Lodgify have been an amazing company to work with and have given us a stepping stone into the next phase of our companies and brand. As such, we have achieved Superhost status with Airbnb and more recently, Premierhost with VRBO. Channels such as Airbnb and VRBO, complement our own websites, but we continue as direct websites and recommendations being the best marketing.

Pac4Portugal Airbnb Superhost Carvoeiro Villas
Pac4Portugal VRBo Premierhosts

We continue to move forward on all fronts of the brand

New vacation rental villas

We are now at the stage of end of 2023 season, that being our best to date and its been a long rewarding 7 months of clients. Looking forward to 2024, we are expecting our brand new Villa Carvoeiro to available for vacation rentals from high to peak season, however until we have all the licences in place, we are unable to take reservations. Villa Carvoeiro is to be a showcase property, a mixture of Villa Atlantica and Villa Maritima, hosting up to 20 people.

Pac4Portugal Villa Carvoeiro Rental Vacation Property

In addition, we are expecting our new Quinta in Silves to be available for rentals, a luxury 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom villa with pool, located between Lagoa and Silves. Furthermore, this is sure to be a hit for families and groups that want a getaway base to explore the Algarve and Portugal.

Future holiday villa rental properties

Moreover, we just commencing the construction of Villa Paraiso a spacious, luxury 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom villa with large pool, stunning views and close to Carvoeiro and restaurants.