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Silves - Vale Fuzeiros Menires

Pac4Portugal Villa Rental Silves Menires 5 Silves Menhir
  • Location: Silves Messines
  • Distance: 7.4 km
  • Circular: yes Signposted: Yes
  • Official Start/finish points: Vale Fuzeiros

Our personal experience of route:-

This is a interesting archaeological circular walk with Prehistoric to middle ages treasures, below the you will see details of the observations you will see.

For us the route is a little short and there on our own Wikiloc and in this gallery, we have a route starting at Amorosa, circular, covering 90% of this route but with an extension to make it about 12km walk

Pac4Portugal Silves Menires 12 exploring

Official route details from Silves Camera (google translate) You will observe the following:-

Necropolis of Pedreirinha:- Composed of two adult and one children's sepulchres, found dispersed by rocky emergencies that emerge in isolation at the top of the elevation.

Alignment of Vilarinha:- The four menhirs that remain in the sites were carved in red sandstone from the region (“gres de Silves”) and constituted an alignment with socio-religious functions, which was built by the first communities that inhabited the area during the second half of the 6th millennium BC and part of the following Millennium (ca 5500 - 4500 BC)

Necropolis of Carrasqueira:- Previously studied cemeteries, where identical rituals of burial were observed, suggest that necropolises with this type of graves may have originated in the Visigothic Period.

Pac4Portugal Silves Menires 10 Necrópolis da Carrasqueria

Necropolis of Forneca:- These monuments are commonly attributed to the High Middle Ages, 6th to 7th centuries, and to the expansion of peoples from Central Europe.