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NEXT EVENT:- 16 - 25 AUGUST 2024

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In the summer, we are greeted with tourists from all over the world. Besides theses we also have the Portuguese tourists how migrate from the north to the Algarvian base. Clearly many other events are geared towards tourists from outside Portugal. Without a doubt the Fatacil Show is for the Portuguese. Nonetheless this does not mean it is not attractive to foreign tourists. In fact, it is a great place to enjoy the atmosphere of a large scale all round Portuguese show.

At the Fatacil show, firstly there is a amazing display of horse showmanship and skills. Secondly, the agricultural element with farm animals and machines. Thirdly, a wide display of artisan stalls, selling and demonstrating their wares. In additional recent years has seen more mainstream companies selling and demonstrating. Fourthly, the food, tastes and experiences from all over Portugal. Fifthly, a variety of entertainment from traditional music and dancing. Last but not least are the nightly concerts from well-known Portuguese bands.~

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When & Where

This is a more traditional festival and attracts over 300,000 people from all over Portugal.

Mid – end August for 10 nights

Held at the Fatacil showground in Lagoa.


Summary of the Fatacil show

Undoubtedly this is great place to experience a wide range of of activities including traditional artisan, horse shows, farm petting area, commercial stalls, lots of varieties of food, entertainment and at least one concert every night.

Moreover festival attracts many Portuguese as well as a number of tourists and gives you a good all round taste of Portugal~


Costs each day around 5€ each or family tickets for 4 around 15€