Caminho dos Promontiorios - Trails of the Headlands

  • Location: Carvoeiro/Ferragudo/Lagoa
  • Distance: km each way
  • Circular: no Signposted: Yes
  • Official Start/finish points: Praia do Paraiso/Praia de Molhe

Our personal experience of route:-

We love this walk and often do parts of it as part of daily exercise. Due to erosion the actual start now is further around through Monte Carvoeiro

The walk takes you past the amazing Praia de Vale de Lapa, thats the biggest climb, also you past the Torre de Lapa, Praia Caneiros, the lighthouse and then to Praia de Molhe (official end), which is worth a walk along. You can then follow the path to the west past the cafe/restaurant at the top and then walk Praia Grande Ferragudo, with low tide you can go around the Castelo and walk to Ferragudo. Here you can taxi/Uber back to Carvoeiro

It is another stunning walk with lots of flowers, animals and great views to snap photos of. We recommend the trail to all our clients staying in one of our Carvoeiro villas.